Cascadia Editions

Fresh Pine And Fir: Capturing The Wild Pacific Northwest

Encapsulating the spirit of adventure and the unknown, pine and fir is a scent that captures the wild embrace of nature. It celebrates the glory of nature, the magical allure of the...

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France Editions

Dark Chocolate: French Decadence and Dark Delight

Capturing the essence of quality and indulgence. The deep and luxurious tones of this chocolatey aroma are made possible by the respected expertise of artisan French craftsmen. Inspiration for the Scent...

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Texas Editions

The Smell of Fresh Leather and The Lone Star State

The rich leather and wood tones of this antiquated aroma bring the iconic American Wild West spirit into your home. This is for the adventurous, the daring, and the bold. ...

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Scent Stories

Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail | Fernweh Editions

Journey on the Pacific Crest Trail

Let the blackberry and bay aromas transport you to the American northwest, encapsulating the spirit of the Pacific Crest Trail. How it Smells Two contrasts blend seamlessly together to create...

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