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LOVE these candles!

Roaring Fireplace candles literally smell and sound like the real thing. The wick is designed to make a sound just like a roaring fire and the smell takes you back to the last time you were sitting in front of an actual fire enjoying the cozy warmth, the crackle and smell. Love these and stocked up so I’m never without.

Better than Yankee candles.

Love this candle it actually gives off a scent. Better than yankee candles. I am hooked and will be ordering many more. My candle go to place. Thanks Lena Ringo

Awesome candles!

I purchased the travel size and they are perfect! They smell very good and also not too overpowering. They smell very fresh and like the forest. Came nicely packaged and really well done overall. I would highly recommend and I will be purchasing again!

My sister’s favourite

I received it very fast despite COVID delay reasons and Christmas. It’s the COVID reasons that have gotten tired and annoying for the most part. What’s important is, I received it in a few days from ordering, its scent warms our house for the Holiday Season, and it lasts so long.


Though I haven’t lit the candles yet (I plan to give them as a gift), I am so impressed with everything. The packaging is very professional and well presented (and made with natural material). The candles look and smell great. This would be a great gift for any candle lover.

The Apple Pie & Cinnamon Candle is exquisite

Brought Thanksgiving ambiance to my home!

Wonderful scents and easy to carry!

These little candles smell great... summer fig is light and pleasing, rosemary and bergamot is a little stronger, but still carries a sunny, cheerful note. If you’re traveling, these are easy to transport, but you can also use them in your home.

To me, these candles smell like the essence of summer. A good thing to have during a long winter — or any time!

Thank you

I LOVE the scents of your candles and will soon be placing another order.

Summer Fig has a beautiful smell

Lovely candle that makes the whole room smell incredible. Makes me wish I was a world away!

My favorite yet

The aroma is great and super mellow. I have had similar scents of other brands that like to overpower everything. This blends in to the environment rather than dominating it and makes me so happy. It is just perfect: the Pine and Fir Balsam really nails it.

Warm, cozy smelling candle

This candle is so chic, I love it! I’ve been saving it and it was finally the perfect time to use it. It Fills my apartment with such a warm, cozy scent - perfect for a chilly fall day. It not only smells great, but it’s beautiful too. It’s a great addition to any space and also comes in chic packaging too! It would make a great gift or addition to your home!

love these

Fernweh candles never disappoint! These are the perfect fragrances for the time of year we're heading into. Beautifully packaged too.

Transported back to France

My travels in France are some of the most magical memories I have and the Sparkling Champagne candle makes me feel like I am back under the Eiffel Tower with bubbly in hand. I absolutely love the scent and how clean these candles burn - no weird after burn scent like some other brands I have tried. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to escape to a new or familiar faraway place and experience wanderlust through scent.

Pleasantly Surprised

I wasn't sure what to expect when buying candles online without knowing anyone who had used them before but all varieties have been a hit in my house. Will definitely be buying again!

Transported to deliciousness!

I generally love dessert-y type scented candles, so I was really excited to try this one! The scent is so rich and decadent, it truly lives up to its name. It creates a melt-in-your-mouth aroma. I love the scent and I highly recommend this candle!!!


I love each of these three scents. Each one is a beautiful, unique, and fresh scent. They burn wenly, which has been an issue for me with other candle companies. The packaging they arrived in was also lovely. Would make a great gift. Definitely recommend. Can't wait to try more of their candles.


I look ke the smell quality and the glass they come in is nice. I would make the color lighter so the light comes through the glass. Also, more smell would be nice as well. You can smell it in the air, bit a tad on the weak side. I will definitely try other smells. And for instance, my GLADE candles smell more, but I would guess not as good quality.

Lovely summer scents

I love the Mediterranean Garden candle set! The candles burn cleanly and the scents are great. My favorite is the lavender.

Perfect travel set

This is the perfect travel set to be able to sample out the different scents and decide which one to get the full size of. Although, I will have to say they all smell AMAZING! I love a good candle. Will definitely be trying out more candles in the future.

Pacific Northwest Comfort

The Cascadia travel candle set (Ferns & Petals, Blackberry & Bay, and Pine & Fir Balsam) have been an absolute dream. Fernweh Editions mixes combinations of sweet and masculine notes that are whimsical and refreshing and unexpected and familiar. As someone from the Northwest, these scents are spot on with how they deliver crisp nature-inspired aromas. I will share these candles with all my loved ones and can't wait to gift these to my out-of-state friends to bring them comfort of home.

Lovely fragrances

Can't wait to start using these! Love the way they all smell.

The Pine & Fir Balsam Candle

I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly I had received my candles.
The packaging of the candles was top notch—had a look and feel of a luxury product. The Pine & Fir Balsam candle had a wonderful piney scent, but not overpowering. It definitely made you feel like you're outdoors, surrounded by beautiful pine trees, just in your home.

Smells so good & the candle is so gorgeous!

The candle smells like vacation, I’ve never had a candle smell so good! It burns really well and the jar that the candle is in is so gorgeous! It goes well with any home decoration.

The Fernweh Dark Chocolate Candle smells, as you'd imagine, delicious!

I can't eat chocolate due to the caffeine, and this is the best alternative yet! I light it when reading in bed each night and fall asleep with a smile on my face...and even sweeter dreams.