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What is Fernweh?


From the German words fern (far) +‎ Weh (pain).
Literally translated as a longing for faraway places.

Mediterranean Garden

Wander through lavender fields, lush herb gardens, and an orchard of sun-ripened figs. Pre-order for July 2020.

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3 Travel Candle Sample Sets

Travel candle sets are perfect for candle lovers on-the-go or for exploring new scents.


About Us

We design scents that bring the world closer together, tell stories, take us on adventures, evoke memories, and cultivate our dreams.

Cascadia Editions

A voyage exploring the unique scents of the Pacific Northwest from the forests and ferns to blackberry brambles.


Pacific Island Editions

Explore the scents inspired by the lush islands of the South Pacific, from the flora of Fiji and beaches of Tahiti to the ocean air of Waikiki.


France Editions

A scent voyage exploring the culinary traditions of France, from champagne to decadent dark chocolate.


Choose Your Own Journey

Looking for the road less travelled? Pick out your own round-the-world scents for a unique voyage of your own.

Scent Stories

The inspiration and places behind the candles

Recent Reviews

Champagne Unboxed

@allie.keel unboxes our Sparkling Champagne candle 

Makes a great gift

These candles are beautiful just to look at. They came packaged in a nice box as well. The scents smell good and real, as if I was actually in a forest.

— Wade H.


Wonderful product!

I love the scent of the Creme Brulee candle — sweet but not overpoweringly so. I love the clean burning soy.

The packaging and shipping were excellent. Will certainly order again--would make a great gift! Can't wait to try more scents.

— Elizabeth I.


The Journey Continues

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