the scent of place

candles that take you on a journey

What is Fernweh?


From the German words fern (far) +‎ Weh (pain).
Literally translated as a longing for faraway places.

France Editions

A scent voyage exploring the culinary traditions of France, from champagne to decadent dark chocolate.


Cascadia Editions

A voyage exploring the unique scents of the Pacific Northwest from the forests and ferns to blackberry brambles.


Pacific Island Editions

Explore the scents inspired by the lush islands of the south Pacific, from the flora of Fiji and beaches of Tahiti to the ocean air of Waikiki.


Scent Stories

The inspiration and places behind the candles

The candles are amazing. The packaging alone tells you the quality you are getting. From the moment I opened the box I could smell the different fragrances. There weren’t even lit yet and the smell was wonderful. Such a fantastic product you won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth Hankins

Fernweh makes an awesome travel candle set. Take your favorite scents with you. We love setting the mood in our hotel room during work trips.

Alex Tran

I keep candles everywhere in our house and I love to bring them with me when I travel. Fernweh has a fantastic set of travel candles that you are going to love. They have some very unique scents that I love I have to say the Persian Pomegranate is now one of my favorite all time scents now.

Tabitha Willette

Fernweh’s boxed set of four luxury travel candles is an incredible gift for lovers of fine food and travel.


About Us

We design scents that bring the world closer together, tell stories, take us on adventures, evoke memories, and cultivate our dreams.

Inspired by our own love of travel and fragrance, each edition is designed to evoke a specific place and feeling.

We're also fragrance snobs and use only the highest-quality fragrances and waxes. The candles are hand-poured in small batches by our expert candlemakers.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!