4 Ways To Wrap Candles (From Easy to Advanced)

One of the most foolproof gifts for you to give year-round is a beautiful, fragrant candle. Almost everyone enjoys candles. However, one of the most challenging parts about sharing your gifts with loved ones is mastering the art of how to wrap candles properly.

Many of us struggle with wrapping candles -- and most cylindrical gifts. Therefore, we’ve collected some of the best methods for wrapping and displaying your candle in all its glory. We’ll illustrate the top techniques ranging from lower to greater difficulty. With a little patience, you’ll learn how to wrap candles like a pro!

Easier Technique: Gift Bag or Box 

If your go-to wrapping technique for the holidays and special events is to reach for a gift bag or box, we’ve got you covered. Wrapping in a reusable bag or box is one of the most eco-friendly ways to display gifts beautifully from year to year. 

  1. Choose a bag or box that’s suitable for the size of the candle. 
  2. If your candle has a glass container, be safe with the gift by wrapping the candle in thicker tissue paper before putting it in the bag.
  3. Insert the candle in the bag/box once you’ve chosen a suitable color design.
  4. You can save a lot of trees with gift bags. They are reusable, and you don’t need much tissue paper. Just pinch a piece of paper, lower it into the bag, then expand the display end to protect the candle from sight.
  5. If you’re using a box, be sure to stuff the interior with plenty of thick, recyclable tissue paper. That way, the candle won’t move around or get damaged.

A Good All-Around Method: Wrap-and-Gather 

If you want to learn how to wrap candles vertically in an upright position, the wrap-and-gather is ideal. We recommend this method for taller candles. The main difference between this technique and other wrapping methods is that we’ll use fabric instead of paper for this one.

  1. Very little cutting is required for the wrap-and-gather technique. Just cut an overly large piece of fabric in your chosen design, lay it on a table, and center the candle base on the fat fabric quarter.
  2. Gather the four corners of the fabric and join them around the candle. 
  3. You want the fabric to give off the impression of a cylindrical shape. But you also want to keep the contour of the candle a half-mystery.
  4. Now tie the remaining fabric that is bunched up above the candle with strong twine or ribbon. Shape the twine or ribbon into a bow to taste.
  5. If your fabric is especially thick, we recommend using a bendable modeling wire to keep the material straight on the candle’s top.

Moderate Difficulty: The “Tootsie-Roll” Technique

Most of us have seen gifts under a Christmas tree or on a birthday with the distinctive tootsie-roll shape to them. Candles are an ideal shape for this technique. Remember: this technique won’t allow you to sit the candle upright.

  1. Cut the gift paper so that it covers the whole candle. Leave about a ½-inch excess so you can tape it closed.
  2. For this technique, don’t worry about using too much paper. After taping the candle up, you want more excess material. You won’t be doing any complicated folds.
  3. Lay the candle on its side and position it in the center of the paper. Then wrap the paper around the circumference. 
  4. Now, take one end of the excess and twist it around somewhat tightly against the bottom of the candle. Twisting too tightly will give you a tear. 
  5. If your candle has an open end --where the glass container is taller than the candle itself, for instance -- slide the candle out from the wrapped paper, flip it over, and slide it back in to repeat the process with the non-open end. Both sides will be flat.
  6. Finally, twist the other end of the “tootsie-roll,” tie a ribbon around, and display the candle on its side.

More Advanced: Using a Fan Fold 

The fan fold is a stylish way to share gifts that might look difficult to execute. But anyone can learn how to wrap candles with a fan fold in a few minutes. 

  1. Cut your paper to encircle the candle with at least a ½ in overlap for taping.
  2. On the paper ends that will cover the candle’s bottom and top, leave 2 inches. The longer this excess is, the trickier the folds will be. But don’t cut them too short--you don’t want to have some of the candle showing.
  3. Tape the round seam, then choose the top or bottom to start folding.
  4. The fan fold requires two motions: fold one end of the paper to the bottom, then grab the excess that sticks up because of the fold, and fold that piece down.
  5. The process of folding makes triangular pieces of paper called pleats. Once you’ve folded one pleat, move down 1 inch, repeating until the candle’s bottom surface is covered.
  6. Check this video link to see the fan fold in action (go to 1:30).
  7. Repeat the fan fold on the candle’s reverse end, then apply a bow or ribbon to the top.


Candles are some of the most commonly given gifts. With good reason! They’re long-lasting, portable, and, with this guide, we hope we’ve shown that they’re easy to wrap. Or at least more straightforward than they might seem. So, the next time you’re giving a present, try a candle. That way, you can show off your gift-wrapping expertise!

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