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8 Most Romantic Candles for Your Date Night at Home (2024)

Nothing says romance quite like the gentle flicker of candlelight.

Whether you're setting the mood for a date with a partner or self-care, lighting a candle is a segue to a more romantic mood: daily life fades away, the pace slows, minds open, conversations wander, eyes get dreamy, lips meet. What is the perfect romantic candle to set the right mood on your next date night in?

Consider both personality and the scent in general. Whether you want to unwind, celebrate or spice things up, there’s a candle scent for you.

Best Romantic Scented Candles for:

Relaxing and Unwinding

If you’re looking for a candle relieve the day’s stresses and let you unwind on your date, try a lavender scent. Lavender is a popular scent known for its relaxing qualities. Our Lavender Fields candle is made with pure lavender fields and can help loosen you both up and get the romance flowing.



Celebrating Together

Is your date night to celebrate a special occasion or event? Nothing says celebration like sparkling champagne. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, graduation, new house or wedding, a champagne candle will always add an element of class and fun. Our Sparkling Champagne candle is a celebratory sip of pure joy and crisp, fruity effervescence.



Deep Conversations and Witty Banter

If you’re looking for a heart-to-heart date filled with wit and conversation, you want a candle to boost the energy. Rosemary & Bergamot is an uplifting candle with rosemary noted for its mental sharpening and bergamot (and citrus in general) known to be a bright, mood-elevating scent.



Getting Cozy

Perhaps the only thing cozier than a candle on a date night is a roaring fireplace. Whether snuggling up together under a throw blanket or getting down on the fireplace rug is more your style, our Roaring Fireplace candle will set the mood. It even features a wooden wick to get you a more fireplace-like crackling burn.



Chocolate Lovers

If your date is a chocolate lover, your choice is easy — go with a delicious smelling chocolate candle to make their heart (and nose) happy.



Outdoorsy Types

Let the scent of dewy wet ferns and gentle woodland flowers instantly transport you to calming forests. If your date is a hiker or outdoorsy person, create an earthy oasis of relaxation with our soothing Fern & Petals scented candle.



A Sweet-Tooth

Looking for a little something sweet? While vanilla scents are sometimes dismissed as basic and boring, vanilla was once considered an aphrodisiac. True vanilla is a uniquely comforting and sensual scent that should not be underrated. In our Crème Brûlée candle, vanilla custard mixes with a crisp top of sugar and subtle chocolate notes for a perfect sweet date night.


Long Walks on the Beach

Still stumped? It might be a dating cliche but who doesn’t love a long sunset walk on the beach? It’s universally appealing and even if you don’t have a convenient beach nearby, you can use our White Sand Beach candle to set a beachy mood that transports you both to a lush tropical island.


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