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5 Best Candles for Working at Home or in the Office (2024)

We all spend a lot of time working but often don’t focus on how to make our workspace a more pleasant and inspiring place to be. Whether you’re working from home or an office, a scented candle can go a long ways to making your workday more productive, creative and enjoyable.

For Focus: Winter Pines

Pine scents have been shown to both reduce anxiety and increase mental focus. Plus they’re a universally loved scented that you can get your office to agree on. Even if you can’t stop your workday for a forest hike, Winter Pines is like watching the first snowfall of the year settle on the top of the pines. A crisp, invigorating scent that’s a perfect compliment to your office.


For Reducing Stress: Lavender Fields

Another timeless and well-loved scent that everyone can agree on is lavender. This sweet herbal floral is known to promote calmness and reduce stress, and what workplace doesn’t need that? Lavender Fields is made of pure lavender flowers and is a welcome addition to a stressful workplace.


For Energy: Rosemary & Bergamot

Rosemary is an invigorating scent and when combined with the uplifting citrus scent of bergamot, it’s an energizing scent perfect to get you over any afternoon work slump. Rosemary & Bergamot feels like a sunny walk in a Mediterranean garden.


For a Quick Getaway: White Sand Beach

Ever want an instant escape to a tropical beach during your workday? If your boss won’t let you take a week off to fly to Fiji, this is the next best thing (and much more affordable). White Sand Beach is sun-filled stroll on a lush beach and sure to lift everyone’s mood.



Signature Office Scent: Blackberry & Bay

Blackberry & Bay is a blend of ripe and sweet blackberries with the herbal bay leaves. A sophisticated blend that’s a perfect signature scent to elevate your workplace.



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