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5 Best Bathroom Candles (So People Like Smelling Your Bathroom!)


It doesn’t matter how many pretty pictures you hang in your bathroom, the smell is what everyone remembers. Let’s say it: bathrooms can be the smelliest room of the house. But they don’t have to be! 

Whether you’re battling the consequences of an upset stomach or the odor from a clogged drain, it can feel like a gamble walking into a bathroom.

But help is on the way, thanks to the effective simplicity of scented candles. Candles refresh the air in your bathroom with a reassuring and classy flicker of light and smell more natural than artificial sprays.

Here, we suggest five different options that will provide the best candle scents for bathroom odors and create a soothing oasis.



lavender scented candle for bathroom


Spa-Like Calm: Lavender

The sweet scent of lavender have been found to lower blood pressure, helping to relax the body and mind, and making it an effective stress reliever and an efficient mask for odors. For this reason, many spas use lavender to enhance relaxation and the scent can instantly transform your bathroom into a mini spa.

Using our Lavender Fields candle in your bathroom will make you feel like you’re walking through the lavender fields of Provence. Also the perfect way to calm down for a good night’s sleep during an evening bath or create a sense of serenity during an open house.




pine candle candle for bathroom


Fresh & Clean: Pine

Even if you're not the outdoor type, there's something about the scent of pine that immediately evokes deep breaths. Everyday worries subside as you breath in the fresh, evergreen air. 

Our Winter Pines candle is designed evoke the first snowfall of the year settling in the pine forest. The evergreen scent is balanced with cool and calming notes of eucalyptus and mint for a truly refreshing scent experience.




citrus candle for bathroom


Energizing & Uplifting: Citrus

While you want to avoid gourmand candles in the bathroom (no one wants to think about food in the bathroom!), citrus is another category altogether. Citrus scented candles like grapefruit, orange, and bergamot feature bright, uplifting scents that are bold enough to cover undesirable smells while still feeling light and bright.

Our Rosemary & Bergamot candle pairs the citrusy sweetness of bergamot with the antiseptic, herbal quality of rosemary. It makes for a citrus scent with a twist of sophistication.



tropical flower candle for bathroom

Island Getaway: Tropical Flowers

Perfect for when you can’t be on vacation but would like your bathroom to smell like it. Bring the island home. Lush tropical flowers have big, bold scents that are perfect for covering bathroom smells while adding a touch of the romantic.

Our Island Botanical candle is inspired by blooming, lush tropical gardens. You will feel like you’re already a thousand miles away with the smells of lang ylang, gardenia, and frangipani. 




forest candle for bathroom


Best of Both Worlds: Forest & Floral

Can't decide? Sometimes you want a bit of everything from floral to forest. In that case, try our Ferns & Petals candle designed to feel like a breath of morning dew collecting on the ferns and flowers. It's a sophisticated and unique blend of scents in which the calming, green scent of the forest meets the bright joy of florals.


Breaking it down

Truly no one wants to walk into a wall of foul odor. Arming your bathroom with a bathroom candle and perhaps an odor absorbing plant can prevent this from happening. But we’ve saved the best news for last: you don’t always have to light the candle to enjoy the smell.

There are two ways that a candle can help you mask bathroom smells. When it is lit, the smell that is produced is called the ‘hot throw’. This is literally the scent being ‘thrown’ and released from the lit candle. 

As the wax warms from the wick being lit, it begins to liquify. The heat then turns the liquified wax into vapor, which reaches our noses as a (hopefully) delectable scent. The sweet-smelling molecules produced from the candle then compete with and overwhelm the foul-smelling molecules in the air, and the battle is won by the candle’s hot throw.

However, scented candles also have a ‘cold throw’ which is the fragrance that emanates just from the scented oils within the wax. 

While the scent will be a lighter or less intense version, you still may find that the smell has permeated the air and filled it with sweet notes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a floral lover, or would rather feel like you’re trekking through tall forests with leaves crunching underfoot, there are many bathroom candle scents to suit your nose and personality.

While it is the olfactory sensitivity of guests that usually makes us worry about bathroom smells, there’s no reason not to treat your own, and your family’s nose with the same level of care and thought.

Looking to level up your bathroom candle game? Fernweh Editions offers high-quality, travel-inspired soy candles hand-poured with love in the USA.


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