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5 Best Candle Scents for Selling a Home (2024)

Real estate agents often recommend their sellers use scented candles during the staging process. The gentle aroma of scented candles is exactly how to make your house smell good and can go a long way to helping your home sell more quickly. 

Similar to staging with furniture, a scented candle creates a mood — letting potential buyers feel the potential of the home.

Please note, it's always better to remove the cause of bad scents, not use candles to mask them. Take the time to properly clean and air out a property before any showings. The candle should complement the home, not cover up it's problems.

Here are our favorite candles to help you get that “sold” sign on your property.

Best Candle Scents for Selling a Home 

Lavender: Creating a Relaxing House Showing

Selling a home is often stressful and anxiety producing, with a lot on the line for both buyers and sellers. One of the easiest ways to create a more calm atmosphere is using scents that encourage calm. Of these, lavender has consistently been scientifically shown to improve relaxation.

Lavender is our top pick for home sellers wanting to create a welcoming space for buyers and in general a solution for how to make your house smell good.

The scent breathes tranquility, peace, and calmness — all of which are usually in short supply during viewings and open houses. Our best-selling Lavender Fields candle is scented with pure lavender flowers and is popular with both men and women. 

Tip: When buyers relax as they step into your home, you know you have an advantage.



Pine: For a Fresh, Clean Open House Vibe 

In Japan, the terms shinrin-yoku translates to "forest bathing" and evokes the sense of calm and serenity you get from a walk in the forest. While using a pine scented candle during an open house, won't have the full effect of connecting with nature, it can help evoke the feeling. Pine scents are known for clearing the mind and enhancing focus. 

Our Pine & Fir Balsam candle is inspired by the cool fog wrapping around pine and fir trees, balanced by the enticing warmth of spicy cardamom and pepper. 

Tip: Pine is a popular calming unisex scent that is associated with the holidays but can be enjoyed year-round.



Vanilla: Pure Comfort & Coziness

Vanilla might have gotten an undeserved bad reputation in recent years, becoming synonymous with boring and basic. In reality, vanilla is about the coziest scent imaginable and science has even shown vanilla to have a calming effect on adults. 

If you want to take vanilla to the next level on your home showing, try our Crème Brûlée candle — rich vanilla custard scent which ads a bit of polish to plain vanilla.

Tip: Vanilla perfectly encapsulates the things most people are looking for in a home: comfort, calm, and familiarity. 




Citrus: For Uplifting Energy during House Showings 

House hunting is exhausting. Your sellers have likely been through a ton of properties in their search. Citrus scents greet your house hunters with a cheerful boost of energy and optimism. Plus they're modern, clean and fresh and another excellent solution on how to make your house smell good. 

Our Rosemary & Bergamot candle is like having a sunny Mediterranean garden wafting in right outside the window. The herbal scent of rosemary balances the bright and citrusy bergamot.

Tip: Citrus scented candles are great for burning in the kitchen when you want a food-scent that's not overwhelming.




Beachy: Perfect for a Relaxed, Vacation Atmosphere

If you're selling a beach cottage or a vacation home, you'll want to emphasize the relaxed, beachy side of the home. Your home buyers are looking for a break from the everyday, transport them with a subtle tropical scent that makes them feel like they're already on the beach.

Our White Sand Beach candle brings the beach inside with tranquil blend of orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, rose, and a base note of musk. It's like a  bright, sunny walk on the beach anytime.

Tip: Perfect for creating a relaxed, vacation vibe perfect for beach and vacation properties.



Steps to Create a Safe Atmosphere with Candles During a Viewing

1. Light any scented candles at least 15 minutes before an open house begins to ensure the wax has a chance to melt and release the scent.

2. Make sure the house is clean and well aired out before lighting any candles. You should use scented candles to enhance the home, not conceal undesirable smells.

3. Popular spots for candles during a home showing are the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Try to keep scents “separated” if you’re using a different scented candle for different areas of the house.

4. Ensure your agent knows where you’ve lit candles and keep candles out of range of young children (for instance a candle might look nice on a low coffee table but it's safer on a higher kitchen counter).

5. Don’t light candles near anything flammable, and ensure that someone remembers to extinguish the candles after the open house. 

We wish you all the best with selling your home and hope you've gained from this article on how to make your house smell good! Our team hand pours our travel-inspired luxury soy wax with care in the US. Give us a try if you're looking to level up your next open-house.

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