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Which is the Best Pine Candle?

The fresh, crisp smell of pine candles are a universal favorite. The smell of pine clears the mind, sharpens your focus and makes any home feel cozier. It's like bringing the forest into your home.

During the holiday season, scented candles are more popular than ever — smelling like Christmas tree, a pine candle sets a festive mood, brighten our spirits during the dark wintertime months, and make our homes smell amazing.

It's no wonder that we hear a lot of requests for finding the perfect pine candle. We currently offer two pine and fir scented candles — which is the right one for you?

pine candle

Cascadia: Pine & Fir Balsam Candle

Our Pine & Fir Balsam candle is a best-seller and evokes the misty forests of the Pacific Northwest. This Christmas tree fragrance begins with top notes of fresh fir balsam which transition to warm spicy middle notes of cardamom and pepper and concludes with a base note of pine. It's a melding of the cool, crisp pine and fir with the warmth of spices.

Tip: Looking for a classic pine & fir scent with a little twist of sophistication? Pine & Fir Balsam is the pine tree candle for you.

winter pine candle

New England: Winter Pines Candle

Winter Pines takes a different approach to pine with layers of scent that evoke the scents of winter and first snowfall. This frosty Christmas tree fragrance is a blend of herbaceous pine with top notes of mint, citrus, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. The heart notes notes include lavender, eucalyptus and pine. Finally the base notes are pine, woody, and vanilla. It's a more complex and nuanced take on winter and evergreens.

Tip: Looking for a wintery holiday scent that evokes frosty air, new snowfall and pines? Give Winter Pines a try.


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