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How to Burn a Candle All the Way Down

When you invest in new candles, you'll want them to last a long time and ideally burn all the way down so you can enjoy every minute of scent. However sometimes it's difficult to burn a candle down completely. Maybe it sat in a draft too long or you had trouble keeping the candle lit

Being left with a few lumps of expensive wax that just won't burn at the end of your candle is frustrating so here are our top tips on burning your candles all the way down to the end.

Choose High-Quality Candles

For the best and most throughout burn results, choose good quality candles made from quality wax and premium ingredients. They burn longer and more evenly than the paraffin candles which are cheaper but will often burn down quickly, leaving behind lumps of wax which will never burn down completely (among other problems). 

Start with a Good First Burn

The first time you light your candle, let it burn until the entire top of the candle has melted. This step will allow the wax to liquefy evenly inside the jar and avoid creating a wax memory that will lead to the wax burning downwards instead of outwards, also known as tunnelling. A good first burn gets your candle off to a good start and will help keep the surface of the wax even all the way down.

Avoid Tunnelling and Uneven Burns

As mentioned above, candle tunneling occurs when your candle starts to burn downwards rather than outwards. Uneven burns are often the result of a draft which causes the candle to burn more on one side than the other.

In both cases, the candle ends up burning down unevenly so that all the wax is not used up. The best solution is to try an extra long burn to correct the tunnelling, get the remaining wax used up and continue to burn your candle all the way down.

Keep the Wick Trimmed

Trimming the wick will keep your candle's flame healthy and consistent. There's often confusion on how your wick stays lit — the wick itself is not fueling the flame, the wax is being drawing up to the flame so having too long of a wick makes it more difficult. Keep your wicks at roughly 1/4 inch long.

We use self-trimming wicks in our candles which generally don't need maintenance but it's a good idea to check sometimes. Especially at the end of your candle, when there's not a lot of wax left, it's important to make sure the flame can access the remaining wax to burn all the way down.


If you continue having issues with your candles not burning down to the end, try upgrading your candles with our collection of high quality scented candles made of premium fragrances and a sustainable soy wax blend inspired by travel!


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