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4 Ways to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

Candlelight creates special memories that last a lifetime, and we know how the warmth and scent of fragrant candles enhances any mood. We revel in this experience, designing our hand-poured soy candles with the highest-quality fragrances (we never use dyes) and cotton core wicks that are self-trimming to ensure a smooth burn.

But perhaps you’re having a little problem. How do you light a candle without a lighter?

This frustrating situation happens to many of us, and if you need to know how to light a candle without a lighter, we’re happy to help. A word of caution: please use these methods with care to ensure a beautiful experience by candlelight!

The Traditional Way—Using Matches to Light a Candle

Since the first candle match was made in 1836, striking a match has historically been how to light a candle without a lighter. However, those trusty little books of matches that were once so commonplace in restaurants are slowly becoming a thing of the past. 

It’s still possible to find matchbooks—often free of charge—in convenience stores or some gas stations. It’s always handy to have matches around, especially when there’s a power outage and you need to light a candle for warmth and visibility. So, if you find spare books of matches, take a few—it could be a lifesaver when you need to light a candle without a lighter.

Lighting a Candle Using a Kitchen Appliance—and Spaghetti!

This method of how to light a candle without a lighter shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. It’s a proven method to light a fragrant candle that’s attractively housed in a glass tumbler or a travel tin.

You’ll need to turn on a kitchen appliance with a heating element, either a toaster, stove burner, or oven. You’ll feel it as it gets hotter and the element turns red. Take one long piece of dry spaghetti and—with care and caution—place it on the hot element until the spaghetti starts to flame (this usually happens quickly). The dry spaghetti works like a long matchstick to light your candle.

Lighting a Candle with a Magnifying Glass

A popular science experiment, this method is tried and true. Grab a magnifying glass, a piece of paper, and head outside. Using the magnifying glass, focus the sunlight onto the paper. Once you get the angle right, you should see a bright spot on the paper, which will slowly heat up and catch fire. 

You can then use the flame to light your candle. Be careful so you don't burn yourself, and always put out the fire right away. 

The Battery-Powered Way

Although it sounds like a school science fair project, you can create a heat source using aluminum foil and an everyday battery you probably have lying around your house (AAA, AA, C, or D batteries). This method requires extra caution and is generally only recommended in situations like a power outage where none of your household appliances will turn on.

Here is the method of using a battery and foil to light a candle if no lighter is available:

  • You need one AAA, AA, C, or D battery.
  • You need to cut a strip of aluminum foil into a ¾-inch strip—a good method to ensure that you've measured correctly is to see if the strip of foil is about two times as long as the battery.
  • Fold the aluminum foil in half. Pinch the foil in the middle (this step is important).
  • Holding the aluminum strip at one end, connect the other end of the foil to the charging end of the battery.
  • Please note the current travels quickly from the battery to foil, and the foil should heat up fast.
  • Use the middle part of the foil (the pinched part) to light the wick on your candle.
  • As soon as the wick starts to burn, disconnect the battery from the foil and put the hot foil into the sink, or someplace where it can’t catch fire with something else.

Hopefully we’ve sparked your adventure by candlelight with these helpful tips on how to light a candle without a lighter.

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