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5 Best Spring Candles for Your Home (2024)

Spring is always a time for growth, energy and renewal. Scented spring candles can be a great way to embrace this positive energy and bring it in your own home. Whether you’re looking for focus or calm this spring, here are our favorite scented candles to help you channel the energy of springtime and lift your mood.


For Energy: Rosemary & Bergamot

Rosemary is known to help clear the mind and improve the memory while bergamot is an uplifting and energizing scent. Together they’re a balance of contrasts between invigorating herb and sweet citrus. If you’re looking for more harmony this spring, try the bright, sunny scent of Rosemary & Bergamot.



For Balance: Ferns & Petals

For a more subtle balance of contrasts, try our dewy Ferns & Petals candle. In this spring candle, the earthy forest scents of fern are complimented by soft florals. It creates a sophisticated blend of calming forest greens with the bright joy of florals.



For Calm: Lavender Fields

Lavender starts blooming in spring and goes until late summer. Lavender is a sweet, fresh scent perfect to clear away the old and bring in the new. It’s a distinctly relaxing and yet invigorating scent, much like springtime itself. Lavender Fields is made of pure lavender flowers that encourage tranquility and inner calm.



For a Mood-Boost: Island Botanical

Nothing says spring quite like flowers. Island Botanical is a bouquet of tropical floral scents ready to cast aside the dull, gray days of winter and usher in the summer. From gardenias, ylang ylang and frangipani, it’s a spring candle that’s sure to lift your mood.



For Celebrating: Sparkling Champagne

After a long winter, spring feels like a reason to celebrate. Our Sparkling Champagne spring candle smells like a celebratory sip of pure joy and crisp, fruity effervescence. It’s a perfect way to celebrate victories large and small and makes a great gift or treat for yourself.




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