Decadence and Delight: Dark Chocolate Scented Candles

Chocolate scented candles capturing the essence of luxury of chocolatey indulgence. The deep and rich tones of this chocolate candle transport you to French chocolatier.

Inspiration for the Scent

Each year, November brings the cobbled expanse of Bayonne’s Rue Pont Neuf to a standstill. In the shadow of the twin spires of Bayonne Cathedral, crowds pack the narrow street and peer to get a closer look at the skillets tended to by roadside chefs.

This is the Bayonne Fete Son Chocolat, a yearly festival that celebrates a craft that’s part of the very fabric of the city – chocolate making. As the chocolate capital of France, the dark and delicious delight is the very air they breathe and never is this truer than during the festival.

Master chocolatiers and confectioners take their work out onto the street and create an intoxicating aroma of chocolate that fills the street. In creating their masterworks of chocolate art, they create an aroma that’s as good as the taste of the chocolate itself – an aroma that is now in candle form. 

What does dark chocolate smell like?

This sultry chocolate candle creates a deep and velvety atmosphere of rich, dark chocolate. Multi-layered and delicious, this aroma is packed with bold flavor.

 What are the benefits of chocolate scents?

Run a bath, dim the lights, put your head back, and relax – this is your time.

The warm glow and flicker of the flame create a calm atmosphere that improves your mood and destresses you. The deep and delicious dulcet tones of cocoa enter your nostrils and replenish you from the inside, leaving you feel recharged.

Want to Smell It Yourself?

Bayonne is one of the prettiest cities in southwest France and the capital of the French Basque country. This is a subregion that covers southern France and northern Spain and features a culture distinct from the French, with its own language, flag, and identity. Be sure to try the Gateau Basque, one of Basque cuisine’s most delicious treats.

The city sits at the confluence of two rivers, the Nive and the Adour, so a visit to the waterfront is well worth it for the gorgeous views over the water. Be sure to visit the Cathédral Sainte-Marie de Bayonne and take in some of the city’s beautiful historic architecture. Spectacular half-timber houses are common throughout the old quarter, with quintessential wooden shutters adorning many.

Bayonne is easily accessible by public transport from other areas of France, such as major cities like Toulouse and Bordeaux. If you’re flying, the closest airport is Biarritz Airport, and from there it’s a short 15-minute drive.


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