Capturing The Wild Pacific Northwest: Pine And Fir Candle

Encapsulating the spirit of adventure and the unknown, our Pine & Fir Balsam scented candle has an aroma that captures the wild embrace of nature. This natural soy wax tree candle celebrates the glory of pines, the magical allure of the outdoors and the joy of the wild.

How Does Pine & Fir Balsam Smell?

In Pine & Fir Balsam, woody fresh pine tree notes dominate, unlocking memories of winter festivity and joy. The sense of evergreen vitality is underwritten by a core of hot notes of cardamom and pepper before returning to a base settled on pine trees.

Benefits of Pine Scented Candles

Light this fresh pine candle to experience a warm glow with a tempting whisper of daring adventure. Use it to relax, to unwind, and to dream of faraway lands or holiday cheer.

After a stressful day in modern life, there’s no better way to escape than to close your eyes and let your imagination wander.

Pine and firs clear the mind and improve concentration while also energizing the body and creating an optimistic outlook. This tree candle makes a great gift for the holiday season, for hikers, or anyone who loves the great outdoors. 


The Inspiration Behind the Candle

Our pine scented candle draws its inspiration from the fresh pines of the misty, subalpine expanses of the Olympic National Park, Washington. Glaciers cling to rocky outcrops and peaks above lakes and sheer river valleys containing pristine old-world forests. Firs as tall as buildings tower over the animals populating the forest floor below. Elk, black bears and mountain lions exist in an unspoiled nature rarely visited upon by humans.

On the outskirts of the park, dense forests are skirted by a rugged shoreline with jagged cliffs and cool waters filled with marine life. Sea otters and grey whales glide through the waters as American eagles stalk the air.

Not only animals have made their homes here. American Indian forged lives and communities in these wildernesses, hunting, living with the land, spiritually and practically for thousands of years.

I will always remember this hike. For our honeymoon, my wife and I traveled to Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest. The fog beautifully wrapped the rainforest-like woods and added to the moody feel. It seemed like we saw every shade of green and grey that day as we hiked through the hills along a small stream. — Andrew Spencer


Want to smell Olympic National Park in person?

Want to go beyond a fresh pine scented candle? Follow your nose and you’ll reach Olympic National Park, showcasing some of the best nature the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

How to Get There:

The best way to get there is to fly into the nearest airport, Seattle-Tacoma International, and take the 2.5-hour drive to the park from there.

When to go:

The park is beautiful in every season, but the summer months between June and September offer the warmest, sunniest weather. This does, however, make it the busiest, so be sure to book campsites and lodges ahead if visiting then.

What to see:

Whether you’re looking for mountains, forests, lakes or beaches, chances are Olympic Park has it. The Hoh Rainforest is a dense, green wonderland, while Hurricane Ridge offers an array of hiking trails for all levels of experience, all giving hikers jaw-dropping views across the mountains.

If you’re craving the sounds of waves and the feeling of sand between your toes, head to some of the many beaches in the park that face out to the great expanse of the Pacific. Kalaloch & Ruby Beach and Mora & Rialto Beach are both spectacular spots for beach days, rain or shine.

Pro tip:

Remember, Olympic National Park is a very large place. So be sure to take this into account when planning your holiday and consult the park’s mileage chart for distances between locations.

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