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Fresh-Picked Sweetness Balances Herbal Green: Blackberry & Bay Candle

Let our Blackberry & Bay scented candle transport you to the American northwest, encapsulating the spirit of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's outdoorsy scent with a sophisticated balance between berries, herbs and woods.

blackberry bay candle

What Does Blackberry & Bay Smell Like?

In our scented candle Blackberry & Bay, two very different scents blend seamlessly together to create a sophisticated combination of fresh and aromatic notes. The sweet citrus-like scent of the blackberries is excellently matched to the bay leaves, adding a fine freshness to the blackberry fruitiness.

Berry notes are complemented by the juicy green scent of the bay, creating a scent that is a study in contrasts.

blackberry forest

The Inspiration Behind Blackberry & Bay Scent

Washington state’s abundant blackberries create a natural scent that ferments the air of this mountainous region. Bay leaves grow nearby and combine with the sweet wooden smell of trees and campfires along the Pacific Bay crest trail. This juicy and charming aroma is sure to bring a sense of warmth and coziness to any home.
Our Blackberry & Bay candle creates an atmosphere of effortless sophistication with its fresh scent and softly flickering flame. The perfect addition to any room within your home, the blackberry acts to unlock memories of the outdoors and the comfort of nature.
blackberry forest sign

If You Want to Go 

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the most incredible hiking trails in the world with unrivaled views and natural beauty. The trail is one of the best places in America to take in the best of what this part of the world has to offer – jaw-dropping natural beauty and stunning views.

Stretching over 2,653 miles from California to Canada and reaching elevations of 13,000 feet, this trail is truly epic. Its enormous length means it really does have something for everyone, of any hiking ability, and no shortage of routes to pick.

Each section of the trail has been carved up into segments that can be chosen according to their difficulty. The best hiking months are between late April and late September when the weather is clear and warm.

One of the most popular sections of the trail is called the Kendall Katwalk Trail, which starts in segment J of the Pacific Crest Trail, in North Bend, Washington. This 12-mile hike is known for its stunning scenery, featuring wild forest, beautiful wildflowers and of course amazing views of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and Gold Creek Valley.

The route is well known for its incredible natural beauty, but remember that nature can still be risky at times - always pack the correct footwear and clothing for this trail. March can be snowy at times, so pack warm clothing and even snowshoes to make sure you’re able to complete your trail. Check here for more information on access and the full trail description.

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