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Scents of the Lone Star State: Fresh Leather Candles

The rich leather and wood tones of this leather scented candle bring the iconic American Wild West spirit into your home. This is for the adventurous, the daring, and the bold. 

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Inspiration for the Scent

The moon sets over the horizon as a cattle drover sets his eyes westwards to the beginnings of the Chisholm Trail. Not tonight. Tonight, he makes his last stop for rest and provisions before he starts the journey into the great unknown. Fort Worth, the last stop before submerging in the wilderness beyond. 

This candle was inspired by the frontier spirit of Fort Worth and the rugged individualism of the cowboy class that forged their destiny here. ‘Cowtown’, as it came to be known, saw four million cattle herded through its borders during the 19th century.

This scent is a reminder of those core American ideals: independence, liberty, and freedom. The spirit of the cowboy, the practical, rough and ready lives of these people. Who in their pursuit of liberty achieved dignity.

wild west leather candles

How Fresh Leather Smells

Burning this candle fills the air with sultry, dulcet tones of freshly tanned leather and suede. These rich, ambient aromas are complemented by a soapy wash of saddle soap. A gorgeous leather joined by a warm, enticing amber and spice fragrance.


At the end of a long day, light up this candle to bring the smells of the American West into your home. Relax, sit back, and saddle up. Think about days long gone and the simple joys of life. 

Switch off the lights and let the warm glow of the candle bathe your surroundings in cozy ambiance. This flicker and glow should help ease and soothe your mind, helping you to replenish and fully recharge.

fort worth leather candles

If You Want to Smell It Yourself

No visit is complete without experiencing the unique Fort Worth Stockyards. Embodying Western heritage and charm, this district of brick walkways and wooden corrals tells the history of Texas’s hallowed livestock industry.

See the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive and year-round rodeo. After, grab a drink and some food at Billy Bob’s – the world’s largest Honky Tonk, with over 127,000 ft of Texan hospitality.

When you’re done playing cowboy, head to the Fort Worth Zoo or the Water Gardens for splishy-splashy water recreation. For the culture vultures, Fort Worth is home to some of America’s best museums, including the fabulous Kimbell Art Museum with works from Rembrandt, Moet, Rubens, and Van Gogh.

The best time to visit Fort Worth is when it’s not overwhelmingly hot. Between September and November is perfect because the temperatures have cooled down, along with tourist traffic. At the same time, the Texas State Fair is well underway, one of the best ways to soak up the Texas way of life.

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