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What is Fernweh?


From the German words fern (far) +‎ Weh (pain).
Literally translated as a longing for faraway places.

Last Chance Sale: Pacific Islands 3 Travel Candle Sets

Escape to the lush tropical scents of the South Pacific. Travel candle sets are perfect for candle lovers on-the-go or for exploring new scents.

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Gourmet France Edition

A scent voyage luxuriating in the culinary traditions of France, from champagne to decadent dark chocolate.


Cascadia Editions

A voyage exploring the unique scents of the Pacific Northwest from the forests and ferns to blackberry brambles.

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Mediterranean Garden

Wander through lavender fields, lush herb gardens, and an orchard of sun-ripened figs.


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We design scents that bring the world closer together, tell stories, take us on adventures, evoke memories, and cultivate our dreams.

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The inspiration and places behind the candles